Who am I?

Crazy Life

  • Things i have Done
    • Worked on 4 Feature films
    • Custom built all of my computers from scratch
    • Driven Across the entire United States
  • Skills i have
    • Im a pretty good Camera Operator.
    • Computer systems intergrations
    • VFX Guru
  • Skills i am learning
    • Computer programming
    • Mobile app dev
    • How to be a great husband

jacin picture 1 jacin picture 2

Main Skills

  • Director of photograpy

    Working in the film industry for 10 years I have built up a large knowledge base of technical lighting and camera know how.

  • Visual Effects

    From editing to 2d animation to 3d animation and visual effects I have run a gamut on post production projects.

  • Programming

    My latest passion is for Programming. learning how to create and automate manual systems that were previously teadious is old passion of mines. Now its just practice.

Work life breakdown

Rough estimate of how much time I have spent on my crafts.

  • 9,636 Hours
    Camera Operator
  • 7,884 Hours
  • 5,256 Hours
  • 5,256 Hours
    VFX Effects
  • 292 Hours

This represents the amount of time i have studied and honed my crafts. They show how long i have been doing each thing respectively. I have been blessed to find fields of interest and most definetly have dove head first into them.